Services :: Web Design

Our talented web developers will develop any type of web site you desire, the design will always be custom to your needs, and your budget. Our web designing packages starting from $300 for personal sites, and $500 for small business.

First we start with a free consultation. We will get any material that you may have such us: brochures, flyers, artwork, pictures , text etc.

We will post your site on our server so that you can view it online from your home or business and make your comments when necessary. The location will be password protected and only you will be able to access it on line.

Based on those material we will create the basic layout of our web site, using the very latest design techniques including: Flash, DHTML, HTML, Java, CSS, Animation etc.

Finally, we will double check the entire web site, ensuring all graphics are optimized, running a hyper link check, testing all scripts/forms, and checking the site in all browsers and resolutions. If you are not happy, we will not stop revising the web site until you are completely satisfied, and all of it will be done at no additional cost.

If you would like to be able to maintain your own site after completion, we'll be more than happy to teach you the basics you'll need to learn, changing your html files and uploading to the server.

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